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Jewish Justice Advocates (“JJA”)


TIKKUN OLAM WEEK OF October 18, 2020

Help Create Our World:
Rabbi Yitzchak taught in the Talmud, “A ruler is not to be appointed unless the community is
first consulted.” This summer RAC and JJA are trying to make certain that the entire country is
part of the process of selecting our elected officials at every level of government.

Vote in the November election. Your vote is your voice. Click here for information on
how, when, and where you can cast your ballot.

 Volunteer to be a poll worker. The country is facing a shortage of poll workers, which
could lead to closed polling places and long delays to vote. Consider becoming an election
day poll worker to help ensure elections are accessible, fair and efficient. Visit: Power the

Help Reclaim Our Vote make non-partisan phone calls to registered voters less likely to
who live in states with restrictive voting laws, to urge them to use their voice at the
ballot box. Virtual training provided. The calls you make could change history.
Go to: Phone Bank Central

Join the Religious Action Center’s non-partisan civic engagement campaign to help get
out the vote at: Every Voice, Every Vote or go to Reclaim Our Vote

Welcome the Stranger; Save A Life:
You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you love him as
yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt. Leviticus10:33-34. If you save one life, it
is as if you saved the whole world. Mishnah Sanhedrein, 4.5.

RAC and HIAS urge you to contact your Senators and Congressmen & request they:

1. Restore refugee admissions to the traditional average of 95,000 per year. The world is
facing the worst refugee crisis in global history. The administration is currently deciding
the number of refugees the U.S. will admit next year and has proposed 15,000. Now is a
critical time to urge Congress and the President to support robust refugee resettlement.
Urge your representatives to restore the fiscal year 2021 refugee admissions cap to its
historic average of 95,000 by clicking Restore the Refugee Admissions Program

2. Investigate Whistleblower Allegations That Detainees Were Subjected to Unnecessary
Medical Procedures without informed consent at the Irwin County Detention Center.

RAC and HIAS urge you to contact ICE and request that they stop serving pork to
Muslim detainees. Click here to sign the letter: Stop serving pork to detained Muslims

Next JJA Meeting:
Sunday, Nov. 15, 10 AM via zoom:

Contact Carol Singer at or Barby Schwid at for
more information.

Thu, October 22 2020 4 Cheshvan 5781